Sheri Hoyte

Managing Editor

Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, Sheri relocated to Texas at the age of 15. Since her early years, reading and writing have played a significant role in her life; her first book emerging as an elementary school project. With an unwavering passion for literature, Sheri always has a book in her hand or is listening to an audiobook and has an ever-growing stack of books to read on her nightstand.

Prior to her involvement with Reader Views, Sheri dedicated over thirty years to the corporate world, refining her business acumen and cultivating her skills in professional writing.

Sheri is the Managing Editor, CEO, and Partner at I Have Something to Say Press, parent company for Reader Views and Book By Book Publicity. Alongside these responsibilities, Sheri is deeply committed to her personal projects, currently focusing on the creation of a book on writing creativity for independent authors.

Sheri resides in Austin, Texas, together with her husband Don and cat, Felix. Her son Richard, daughter-in-law Lindsay and precious granddaughter Nina are her pride and joy. Sheri delights in spending quality time outdoors, indulging in activities such as Camp Gladiator, walking, playing golf, tending to her yard, and keeping the neighborhood hummingbirds well fed.