Christine Watson


Christine has been with Reader Views since 2006 in a variety of roles. She started out doing book reviews, and then worked as an editor for a while. Christine has a diverse background, starting out as a health and wellness professional after receiving her BS and MS in Exercise Science.  She was offered an adjunct teaching position at a local college, and realized her true passion was teaching. It took her a few more years to get there, but she finally became a certified teacher and began her journey as an educator. Her certifications are: Principal, Special Education, PE, Generalist k-4, Social Studies Composite, and ESL. Christine became a teacher, school administrator and private school owner. She loved to teach writing and literature to her students, and help them put their thoughts and ideas on paper. “Writing is one of the most difficult skills to teach, and it is  wonderful to be joining an industry where individuals enjoy the process of writing, even when it can be maddening!” Christine has been married to a proud Canadian for over 10 years.  She enjoys playing tennis, hiking, reading, jigsaw puzzles, movies, and spoiling her nephew.