Young Adult Novels: The Throwback

Young Adult Novels: The Throwback 1024 576 Reader Views

by Skyler Boudreau, Book Reviewer, Blogger, Freelance Writer

When books are marketed, it’s important to know what audience the book is being marketed to. Knowing the demographics of the audience plays a key role in knowing who you’re trying to get the book to. That could include anything from gender to genre preference. Age can be another key to deciding who to market a book towards. In recent years however, I’ve noticed that age doesn’t play as big of a role in many people’s reading choices. Young Adult novels in particular, are popular among many older audiences. What makes these novels so alluring to adult readers?

One of the most pivotal themes present in YA novels is the coming-of-age story. Everyone has one, and it’s one of the most relatable themes in storytelling.Novels provide a medium to explore the countless stories in numerous different ways. Self-discovery and exploration are a natural part of life. YA offers older readers the opportunity to reflect on these coming-of-age events in stories (as well as in their own lives) with the experience of an adult.

A good YA novel can emulate the voice of a teenaged protagonist while telling a story that may not ultimately be about teenagers.As both a book reviewer and a regular, one of the things that frustrates me the most in reading YA is when the protagonist comes across as too old or too young.When an author is successful in capturing the voice of a teenager, it can be a breath of fresh air. Like the coming-of-age theme, everyone is familiar with how it feels to be a teenager. After all, everyone had to grow up. Sometimes slipping back into that headspace can be a break from the chaos of everyday adult life.

Like many people in the original target audience, YA is quick to change and adapt to its ever-expanding audience.I’ve read far more novels in this genre that offer LGBTQ+ inclusivity and racial diversity than any other.As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I find it far easier to find characters representative of myself in YA novels than in adult novels. While adult novels have begun to shift towards a more inclusive community in recent years, YA authors are much farther along in the process. Like many teenagers themselves nowadays, the YA community is leading by example.

Young Adult is one of the most refreshing genres for readers to immerse themselves in. It offers a throwback to an older audience’s younger years and allows them to reflect on their own experiences as teenagers with more worldly experience. With its relatable themes and welcoming tone, YA is truly one of the most diverse and rapidly evolving genres of the time. What are some of your experiences with these novels?

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