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Susan Violante
Managing Editor

I know…I am stuck on CNN day and night obsessing about what is going on. I am planting all kinds of veggies (just in case…) and am sewing masks to donate. It doesn’t get worse than this. But even though my husband believes I have watched too many zombie apocalypse movies, these times require that we all feel useful rather than powerless.  Useful to ourselves, to our families, and our communities. To feel useful doesn’t require superpowers, or special talents. It only requires an observant eye and some creativity. So, who better than writers to find ways to enlighten, entertain, inform, help, and unite   people! Below are some ways I believe we writers can help people during these times of fear and uncertainty by reaching out through their writing and inspire others to be positive, kind and strong:

·        Can you share your book? Sometimes reading is the best way to decompress from the news, the walls around us which become more and more annoying as this lock down continues. So why not share your digital book via social media? Emailing free books free of cost to people who need a little escape from what our reality has become can prove satisfying and build your fan platform for when (yes, I said when not if) we go back to normal.

·        Do you know information that could be helpful to others? Which store has toilet paper and when, who is in need of a specific medicine, tips that worked for you on how not to go insane during lock down…anything else? Use your writing skills and post them away on social media or platforms like Next door Neighbor to help the needy connect to the helpful within your community.

·        Are you an expert on crisis, mental health, parenting, fitness, crafts…anything else? Write short helpful articles and post them on different platforms so that others can find helpful stuff to do while at home.

·        Have you ever applied for unemployment? Why not write and post a step by step on how to do that in your state! Many are being laid off all over the US already (a couple of friends of mine here in Texas!)

As writers we all know that everyone has a story worth telling. Look into your stories for lessons you can share with others to inspire them, to light a moment of darkness, to show that no one is alone…Please stay safe, healthy and kind!!

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