Writers – It’s Okay to Help Each Other!

Writers – It’s Okay to Help Each Other! 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante Managing Editor

So, after being out of the loop, kidnapped by life as I took care of my mother through her struggle with cancer until her passing, I had a hard time getting back into working, but an even harder time getting back to my own writing projects. I then realized that even though I worked until she was on palliative care, I have been locked up in my house since November (when my mother started chemo) to present time…that is a total of 8 ½ months! No wonder I look horrible! Anyway, for the first time in my life I had to come to terms with the fact that I needed help, not only to get back in the loop of things, but also to reconnect with other writers to get me going again.

Those who know me well, will never believe that last statement as I have always strived to be self-sufficient, and as a writer have always been a hermit for the most part. I am not talking a about belonging to groups, associations, or attending conferences. I have always done that. What I mean is being assertive and calling out for help to other writers. Yes, I know many will say what about the stealing of copyrights or the competition for attention? Well, in my opinion if your book is not good, or noticeable it might as well not exist or be published by someone else that does get the help needed to be discovered as a good marketable product.

You can be cautious by choosing who to share it with and take measures to safeguard copyrights. But the market is humongous and there is an audience for everything, so take a chance and get new ideas from others that have been where you are at, or are going through the same stage you are in. Below are some tips on how to get help from others.

·       Private Groups – Well I finally joined one that is moderated by a PR firm that I know well and has an impeccable reputation. There is a fee, they choose their members, but the information you get is priceless.

·       Writer Associations Discussion PanelsThe Writers League of Texas for example organizes free admission events every third Thursday at 7pm . Because of Corona Virus, they have been hosting them online. They are awesome for unpublished writers as it is filled with free information about anything and everything you need to know if thinking about publishing your work traditionally or DIY.

·       Classes and Workshops Offered by Successful Writers – This is a given! Why not pick the brain of someone who did it right? Again, they have fee, but in return you will end up with genuine information, and maybe even a mentor. Plus, they are so much fun!

Sometimes it is difficult to be social, and vulnerable after sitting alone all day with your work in front of you thinking -… My precious…. – but if we do not take a risk and open ourselves, we not only will miss out on opportunities to better ideas, we will also keep committing the same mistakes and stay outdated. So, reach out on comments and let us know how you are connecting, helping, and getting help from other writers on writing, publishing, and promoting your book!

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