Reader Magnets and Cross-Promotion or What is BookFunnel?

Reader Magnets and Cross-Promotion or What is BookFunnel? 1024 576 Reader Views

by B.A. Bellec, Award-Winning Author of “Someone’s Story”

Hi everyone! B.A. Bellec here. If you don’t know me, I won a literary award from Reader Views and then turned around to sponsor and help with the contest. It’s my way of giving back to the indie author community and supporting the awesome people at Reader Views all at the same time!

Why does that sponsorship matter to this article?

One of the other sponsors here at Reader Views is BookFunnel. I am in no way affiliated with them. I don’t get any kickbacks or discounts. Consider me a happy customer who was thrilled to see their name next to mine on the sponsorship page.

So what is BookFunnel?

It’s a tool for authors to manage their books. More specifically though, they focus on the marketing side of a book. They offer two key features:

Reader Magnets

The first, you can put Reader Magnets on the platform. These are either samples (keep it under 10% to stay KDP complaint), short stories, or if you are a smaller author just trying to get exposure, you can put up entire novels. These magnets are often the first thing a new reader would see when finding your name. BookFunnel is a fantastic place to put your magnets because of the second feature.

Promotional Groups

The second important feature they have is promotional groups. There are hundreds of groups you can join. Each group has different criteria. These groups usually have themes like young adult or science fiction. Outside the themes, there are some light rules. Some groups allow samples. Some groups only want a full novel. Some groups are purely for sales. They also have newsletter sharing where authors can cross-promote each other’s work.

The beauty of the platform is that if you are cost worried as an author. The first package allows you to pay $20 for an entire year. You get access to everything above for just over $1 per month. If you join one group and do one newsletter share each month, you will easily see fifty or so downloads which makes this a very efficient way of advertising.

My recommendation is that all authors give BookFunnel a chance. Put the $20 in and play around for three months. Do at least one group and a few newsletter shares. If you are not satisfied I would be surprised. I grabbed that $20 starter package and have been on the platform for close to two years now. Whenever I have a big event, I either host or join a group. It’s a great way to stack my social media marketing effort with a group of authors all putting in a few hours and at least $20 as well.

BookFunnel has become one of my favorite tools as an author and something I almost always point emerging writers over to because of the cheap entry point. If you are just getting started at building your fans, you must give this tool a try!

If you want to see what the platform can look like, check out my links:

About the Author

Bryan “B.A.” Bellec’s debut novel, Someone’s Story, won the Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Literary Award for Young Adult Book of the Year. Someone’s Story is a coming-of-age novel about teen mental health. One of the aspects that makes Bellec’s projects unique is he includes musicians in his novels and then he actually produces the songs as his book goes through the editing stages. You can find that music on his YouTube channel. His second novel, Pulse, just released and has been receiving strong reviews. That novel is a genre flip with dark dystopian sci-fi horror peppering the pages.



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