Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Website

Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Website 1024 576 Reader Views

How many of you play Wordle? I not only play; I wait up to midnight to play it as soon as the new word comes up. I typically go to the website and browse around, and play a little of the spelling bee game while I wait. Now imagine how many people, like me, who are hooked do the same. The amount of traffic on their website must be staggering, and all just because of a little interactive game. The key here is the word interactive.

Basically, Interactive Stories, Blogs, Forums, Games, etc. are hooks that will bring repeat visitors and, in many cases, convert them into subscribers. The more repeat traffic and subscribers and followers you have, the better your chances to drive book sales. Below are some ideas on how to turn your website into an interactive one.

Create an Interactive Story on your Website

Perhaps a place where visitors can write the story with you. Turning your readers into collaborators is not only fun but also a dream come true for fans! You make the short stories and post the collaborators/fans names as co-authors on the page. If you go this route, make sure you establish well-defined rules and are clear about copyrights and other details. Transparency is crucial with this one.

Interactive Blogs

Topics relevant to your fans will encourage them to comment and start conversations with you and other readers. This is a common way to get people to come back and an excellent way to increase your contact list by getting commentators to register as subscribers. Be sure to set up notifications when new comments are posted.

Forums and Book Clubs for your Books

By hosting book discussions on your website, you are also creating traffic and subscription opportunities, as well as a chance to cultivate a relationship with your fans and followers by letting them to get to know more about you and your writing process.

Games and Giveaways

This is my favorite because the fact of the matter is that books must be entertaining to readers, which makes authors entertainers! Games make their websites entertaining and if you add a prize to the games, they become more attractive to participants.

As authors, we must be honest with ourselves and accept the fact that writing and publishing is only the beginning of our job, and a big part of our career will be spent on maintaining our audience’s interest. Once you accept that, promoting and building your platform becomes more fun.

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