The Art of Persistence

The Art of Persistence

The Art of Persistence 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

I can’t believe we are 2 months away from the end of 2020. But despite a global pandemic, political and social turmoil, lockdown, and economic downfall…we are still here. Yes, we might have changed our way of life, our thinking, our political inclinations, and the way we communicate and relate to each other…but we are still here. It is my belief that the art of persistence has much to do with that. Most of us are wired to keep trying whether we know it or not. Some call it the survival instinct, and I would agree with that at some point, but we are not just surviving. Surviving is about the sole goal of staying alive, but the art of persistence is about of staying in the race of achieving all the goals we have set for ourselves. Below are some ways we can keep persistent as writers:

Making writing a priority after losing you main source of income

Many of us have a day job and are writers after office hours. What happens if we are let go because of what is going on? We still need the income, so of course we are still going to be looking for another day job. But if you think about it, you now have more time to write as you work on your job search. Writing is a powerful tool if focused on one purpose…maybe working full time on the book to publish it quickly is what you want to do, but why not write about what you are going through and market those articles to local newspapers, and magazines, while you work on your book and search for a job? Who knows, maybe your day job will become writing!

Writing as a full-time freelance writer

Maybe you are already a part-time freelance writer, why not go full time? There is a lot going on these days write about! Times like these can be used to meditate on who we are and what we are doing with our lives. This could be an “aha” moment for you – begin doing topic research, producing material and marketing yourself as a full-time writer. There are even websites where you can offer your services!

Marketing your books fulltime

For those authors that have one or more books out, persistence could mean rolling up your sleeves and promoting yourself and your books full force. I mean learning about the technology and using it to make your presence known through social media, blogging, virtual touring, pitching to local media to get virtual interviews, etc. Find an angle to relate yourself and books to current news and get to work!

Here at Reader Views we have been persistent in supporting Indie authors and providing readers with book reviews by re-inventing ourselves to create a better experience, instead of just staying the same while surviving. You are seeing the result of persisting instead of surviving through our new websites, new packages, and new magazine! What does persistence look like to you?

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