The Alternate Summer Reading Plan – Thanks, Corona!

The Alternate Summer Reading Plan – Thanks, Corona! 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

I don’t know about you, but every summer I binge on fantasy, mystery, and creative memoirs, plus a romance here and there – books to read as I relax by the pool or lake on my days off, or while vacationing at the beach. This year however, I am finding myself tired of the summer reads, and August is not even over yet! After much reflection I realize now that I have been reading my summer list since I have been on lock down, beginning in November 2019…yes, even before Corona because of my mother’s cancer treatments. I overloaded on fantasy through Netflix as well, as the TV has been taken over by my fed-up-of-being-home husband, who also needs a break from his regular reads. So, I have decided to switch my summer reads to ones that might motivate me to embark on home projects or that will inspire some home activities to make this lock down go by faster and make it more fun. Below are some things I’ve been thinking of.

·       Cookbooks! Yes, I know we have YouTube, cooking videos and such, but I don’t know, I love cooking with a glass of wine and music, so books work better for me. Plus, if I want my hubby to join in the cooking, having the book works better as we can chat while we cook as well.

·       Gardening Books or Magazines! I love gardening, and in fact have been gardening all throughout this lockdown. Now I have spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, onions, leeks, the spaghetti squash is coming out, the papaya tree is growing, and lots of roses and wildflowers. But I would like some inspiration on decorating the garden and patio. Yeah, a garden, or even travel book with lots of nature pictures would be awesome.

·       DIY and other Crafts Books. These have been always my favorites I already have a ton, but maybe it’s time to update my shelves. Especially books on knitting, sewing, and restoring furniture.

·       Finally, I need to read a book on training dachshunds! I have three little monsters that are making this lockdown loud, annoying, and exhausting! Especially when I try to read!

Well, this is my alternate summer reading list thanks to Corona virus. What’s yours? If you are an author of any of the above genres and are looking for a review, check out I check our pending list in search of reads to review constantly, so send them over!

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