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Reading to Become an Author
Reading to Become an Author 1024 576 Reader Views
When I started working with Indie Authors twelve years ago, I had the surprise of my life when I learned many of them do not read regularly! I still do not understand how that is possible because my love for books developed as a reader since I was a child. I began writing in a diary when I was a pre-teen but really started experimenting with words, writing poetry and essays during my twenties. Although I did a lot of technical writing after college, it wasn’t until my mid-30s that I began writing articles and short stories for different publications. Throughout my life, I never stopped reading. Many of the books I read inspired me to write and even taught me the skills to write for publication. read more
To Be… or Not to Be?
To Be… or Not to Be? 1024 683 Reader Views
How much do passive “to be” verbs sabotage the power of your fiction and nonfiction writing? Do they add zest and quicken the pace? Do they keep readers turning pages long passed their sleep time? Or do they dig one pothole after another on the road to great writing? read more
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The Power of Great Opening Lines
The Power of Great Opening Lines 1024 576 Reader Views
In this high speed world where we want everything now, the opening lines of your book are more important than ever. Today, Dr. Randy Overbeck shares his thoughts on crafting opening sentences to make the reader want more… read more
Your Best Writing May Not Be What You Think
Your Best Writing May Not Be What You Think 1024 576 Reader Views
One of the biggest writing problems I see among people in my mentoring program, and others who hire me to improve their writing, is that they’re afraid to write like they talk. Perhaps they fear “wordiness,” but sometimes writing like you talk is less wordy. read more
THE CRAFT OF WRITING – 28 Reading Recommendations for your Author Toolkit
THE CRAFT OF WRITING – 28 Reading Recommendations for your Author Toolkit 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan and I recently attended the 2022 Agents & Editors Conference hosted by the Writer’s League of Texas. It was a full weekend packed with info. Today we’re focusing on some books that were recommended on the craft of writing. read more
Writing the Perfect Character
Writing the Perfect Character 1024 576 Reader Views
Every future generation will know Harry Potter the moment his name is spoken. Of course, when you write a character who ends up with his own Universal theme park, that isn’t a shock. But that young man, his friends, and his magical universe came from the mind of J.K. Rowling. Out of the blue, she arrived on the scene and brought with her pages filled with characters and locations that became one of, if not the, most popular series of all time. Now, can other authors write something of that magnitude that becomes that popular? Actually, yes. Is it difficult? You bet it is! read more
Location Takes the Lead
Location Takes the Lead 1024 576 Reader Views
Can a location be an actual physical character that improves a story? The answer is not only a resounding YES, choosing a setting is a skill that should be mastered. read more
How to Make Editing Less Arduous
How to Make Editing Less Arduous 1024 576 Reader Views
Do you cringe at the thought of editing your manuscript? Today Dan Rice discusses how to gain valuable insight struggling through the editorial process. read more
What We Write Matters
What We Write Matters 1024 576 Reader Views
Words still matter. Perhaps, today more than ever. What we say and what we write carries weight, makes a difference. read more
Why Literature is Different than Genre Fiction
Why Literature is Different than Genre Fiction 1024 576 Reader Views
What differentiates literary fiction from genre fiction can be summarized by four hierarchical points. read more