Unwind During the Holidays with a Good Book
Unwind During the Holidays with a Good Book 1024 576 Reader Views
We like to think that reading happens on a chair next to a window on a rainy day. Or maybe on our bed before we go to sleep. But the truth is that any time is a good time to pause and decompress through a good book. read more
Four Fulfilling Careers For Avid Readers
Four Fulfilling Careers For Avid Readers 1024 576 Reader Views
Whether you like the feel of physical books or the convenience of e-books, there is nothing quite like reading something interesting or moving. And despite the world becoming increasingly visual, many people still love to read. Recent studies found that reading in the US experienced an uptick during the pandemic lockdowns with 75% of Americans saying they had read a book in 2021. Meanwhile, people are also picking up e-books more, with a recorded 30% compared to 25% in the previous year. With more people falling in love with reading, there will be more job seekers looking for a career that utilizes their new passion. read more
Diversity in Children’s Books
Diversity in Children’s Books 1024 576 Reader Views
As I often mention, I am a strong proponent of diverse, inclusive books that act as mirrors and windows for children. So, I naturally gravitate to diverse books where I can learn about people with customs and life experiences that differ from mine. Unfortunately, however, it seems many children’s books with diverse characters focus mainly on the struggles caused by their diversity. read more
Reading to Become an Author
Reading to Become an Author 1024 576 Reader Views
When I started working with Indie Authors twelve years ago, I had the surprise of my life when I learned many of them do not read regularly! I still do not understand how that is possible because my love for books developed as a reader since I was a child. I began writing in a diary when I was a pre-teen but really started experimenting with words, writing poetry and essays during my twenties. Although I did a lot of technical writing after college, it wasn’t until my mid-30s that I began writing articles and short stories for different publications. Throughout my life, I never stopped reading. Many of the books I read inspired me to write and even taught me the skills to write for publication. read more
Writing desk with author essentials
The Power of Great Opening Lines
The Power of Great Opening Lines 1024 576 Reader Views
In this high speed world where we want everything now, the opening lines of your book are more important than ever. Today, Dr. Randy Overbeck shares his thoughts on crafting opening sentences to make the reader want more… read more
THE CRAFT OF WRITING – 28 Reading Recommendations for your Author Toolkit
THE CRAFT OF WRITING – 28 Reading Recommendations for your Author Toolkit 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan and I recently attended the 2022 Agents & Editors Conference hosted by the Writer’s League of Texas. It was a full weekend packed with info. Today we’re focusing on some books that were recommended on the craft of writing. read more
Make Banned Books Part of Your Summer Reading
Make Banned Books Part of Your Summer Reading 1024 576 Reader Views
I am a staunch advocate for diverse and inclusive books. These books are mirrors for kids to see themselves and know that they are not alone, and windows to let kids see and learn about others. But unfortunately, these books are the ones that are being targeted for removal from school library bookshelves at an alarming rate. read more
Breaking Old Reading Habits
Breaking Old Reading Habits 1024 576 Reader Views
I’ve compiled a list that I hope might convince those who think they hate literary novels to give it a fair try using my list as a guide. I am convinced those who hate, hate, hate it were coerced to read literary before they were ready—that is they were too young or didn’t yet have the background—that can be read as, “didn’t have the equipment yet”—to understand it, much less to appreciate it. I mean, I know of no one who jumped into James Joyce without proper guidance who loves his work. For that matter, I know no one at all who is head-over-heels for it, no matter what the circumstances. read more
Why is The Nightmare Before Christmas still so Popular?
Why is The Nightmare Before Christmas still so Popular? 1024 576 Reader Views
Sometimes a movie comes along and stands the test of time, staying mainstream for generations and influencing culture in ways the people working on the project could have never imagined. read more
Using Fiction to Teach Checking Facts
Using Fiction to Teach Checking Facts 1024 576 Reader Views
Fiction books can even provide clear examples of Truth versus Make Believe. Fiction is stories that never happened, written for entertainment value, but that can also be educational. Fiction falls into recognizable types, created for different purposes. read more