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Considering Self-publishing? Prepare for the Journey
Considering Self-publishing? Prepare for the Journey 1024 576 Reader Views
You wouldn’t embark on an extended journey without making plans, getting prepared. The same is true for indie writers considering self-publishing. Scan any number of writing magazines, resources, authoritative reviewers like Publisher’s Weekly or Kirkus, or bestseller lists and you will find few from self-published indie authors. Despite the higher threshold for credibility for self-publishers vs traditional publishers, more memoir writers are choosing self-publishing. Why? read more
Getting Up-To-Date On What Front and Back Matter Can Do for You
Getting Up-To-Date On What Front and Back Matter Can Do for You 1024 576 Reader Views
To Reader Views’ Blog Subscribers and Visitors: I am celebrating the coming release of the 3rd Edition of the winningest book in my #HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers with an excerpt of what my publisher says is about 50% new material. The Frugal Editor will be released in January of 2023 (just in time for New Year’s resolutions for writers serious about their careers!). I chose to share a few pages from the chapter on front and back matter of books because so many authors–both traditionally published and self-published–don’t use those pages as effectively as they could for the good of their book or for the good of their careers. In fact, maybe traditionally published authors’ books suffer more from this neglect and, the sad part is, these marketing wonders can usually be negotiated. So here is a sneak peek courtesy of Reader Views (and with permission from my publisher Modern History Press who didn’t scrimp on either of these career boosters including the kind of Index even academics will appreciate!): A Sneak-Peek at the 3rd Edition of The Frugal Editor read more