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“A Publicity Plan for 2021”
“A Publicity Plan for 2021” 1024 576 Reader Views
2020 has been a long, tumultuous year. More important than ever, people need to seize the ample opportunities they must begin to strategize and plan ahead for a fresh start in 2021. So, here are a few key steps that will jump start your promotion and pitching skills in 2021. read more
Run a Virtual Book Tour
How to Run a Virtual Book Tour
How to Run a Virtual Book Tour 1024 683 Reader Views
Virtual book tours, or what we call “VBTs,” have become an industry standard for generating media buzz following the release of a book. In the simplest terms, VBTs allow you to get the word out about your book without going anywhere or even talking to anyone. What is so great about them is that because there is no travel involved, it’s not strenuous like a physical book tour, and everything is at your fingertips. And, in covid times, no one can physically tour anyway, so run a virtual book tour. read more