Long Books vs. Short Books
Long Books vs. Short Books 1024 576 Reader Views

As a kid, I took a lot of pride in reading big books. Most of my favorites were absolutely massive tomes, and I could finish them within a few days. As an adult, the amount of time I’m able to spend reading has definitely been cut down, but I still really enjoy long books.

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First Chapter Plus Emerges from Its Cocoon!
First Chapter Plus Emerges from Its Cocoon! 1024 576 Reader Views

The past couple of years we have been experimenting with First Chapter Plus to transition from a book catalog to a full-blown content magazine which features Indie Authors and the literary world. Our goal was to present the new magazine in January, but we feel that after all that has been going on this year, we needed to end the year in renewal and a positive note to lift our spirits up.

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The Big Reveal
The Big Reveal 1024 576 Reader Views

We did it! Our new look is up and running, and we could not be prouder! It has been a lot of work, trial and error, and endless learning but it was all worth it. We love the way everything looks and believe you will love it too. Rebranding is not an easy process though and so we want to share few things we learned.

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