NOTE: As a complimentary service we are only able to accept a certain number of electronic books monthly, so if you are unable to access the form at the bottom of the page please check back at a later date or feel free to send a physical copy of your book to the address listed below.


This is a complimentary service for review consideration. Submit your book for review consideration. We accept printed books, eBooks, bound galleys, and ARCs for review. A book review is not guaranteed with this service – if you need a guaranteed review within a specific time period please refer to our Publicity Campaigns.


We receive hundreds of books for review each month and we need to keep our system in place. These guidelines are to help us provide a service for you in an efficient manner. Please help us by following the guidelines.


Our reviewers are avid readers who are volunteers, that give personal opinions of what they read. Please consider them as your reading audience.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee a favorable review, however, we can  guarantee a review where the reviewer gives his or her own honest and fair assessment of your work. Please do not ask us not to post a review if you don’t like it; we believe in freedom of speech and it would be unethical of us to tell the reviewers their opinion isn’t accepted.

If you do not want an honest review, please don’t ask for one.  

Our reviewers are private, independent reviewers, and in no way affiliated with Reader Views other than providing reviews. The reviewers accept your book for free and review it with no obligation to get remunerated. 


If you are mailing your book for our standard review service, we will post it on the Pending review page after we accept it. If you submit electronically, it will be posted on the Pending review page as soon as we can get it posted. NOTE: This page is updated twice monthly so it may not appear immediately.

If a book is chosen for review it will be moved to the Coming Soon page. If it disappears from the pending page and isn’t on the coming soon page, this will indicate that your book was not chosen for a review.

After 90 days the books are removed from the list and donated to a local charity.

Kids reviews are listed here.


  • With the standard review service you will receive a review and a tear sheet provided in PDF format. You can use the review in whole or excerpts with credit given to the reviewer and Reader Views or Reader Views Kids.
  • All reviews will be posted on our website for 5 years.


  • There is a $10.00 advertising fee for each book, audio CD, or DVD that is not listed on Amazon. The fee covers linking to the author’s storefront. You are not purchasing a review, nor does paying the fee guarantee a good review. If you have more than one book, or you have an eBook, please contact us for special provisions.
  • Payment must be made prior to the title being sent to the reviewer. You only pay if your item will be reviewed. Payment may be made through PayPal or check/money order here.
  • Advertising fee will cover the listing up to 5 years on Reader Views or Reader Views Kids. The listing will only be removed when you ask to have it removed.
  • A link will be created from the review to the storefront for the item.
  • If you choose to sign up for a Publicity Campaign, your advertising fee will be waived.


The other option is to enter your book into our literary awards program. All books will receive a critique/review however, we can’t promise when this will happen. We will attempt to have the book reviewed/judged soon after we receive it. Keep in mind, the sooner you submit to the awards program, the sooner we will be able to process it. Leaving it to the last minute (November/December) will delay your critique/review.       

Other important stuff that’s necessary to know

  • Do not contact the reviewers regarding referrals to publishers/agents or any other publishing or reviewing concerns. Doing so may void your review. If you have any questions please contact Reader Views.
  • All publications sent for review become the property of the reviewer from Reader Views. Your publication will not be returned. In most cases the reviewers keep the publication, especially if it is autographed or dedicated to them, or donate it to a library or nonprofit organization.
  • Please do not contact us asking if we received your book. We highly recommend that you receive a tracking number from the service you use to send the book to us for review. This way you will know if and when your book is received. You may also check the pending list to see if your book was accepted. Please Note: it may take a week or two before it ends up on the list. If a reviewer picks your book to review, it will be moved to the coming soon list. If no one picks your book within 90 days it will be donated to a charity. To prevent this, we highly recommend considering a Publicity Campaign.

Thank you for getting to this point. We realize the guidelines are LONG, but we feel giving you the information upfront is of utmost importance.


For our Standard Review Service for an adult or kid’s book, galley, or ARC, please send your publication via one of the options below. Be sure to include your contact information, including an email address. The request must be in publication form (book, galley, ARC). If you just send us your publication and do not include your contact information (including an email address,) it will automatically go into our “donation” pile.

Mail to:
Reader Views (or Reader Views Kids)
Review Request
11900 Jollyville Rd. #201673
Austin, TX 78759

Please purchase a tracking number so you know we received your book. We do not have staff available to search our records to see if we received your book for review.


If you’d like to submit a PDF copy of your book for review please complete the following form: Request for Review Consideration.

NOTE: As a complimentary service we are only able to accept a certain number of electronic books monthly, so if you are unable to access the form please check back at a later date.