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Soul Seeker

A riveting supernatural thriller reminiscent of a Stephen King novel. McFarren is fearless when it comes to taking characters and situations to the brink and back.

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Crimson at Cape May

As a ghost story combined with a mystery, a romance, a social injustice, and stunning historical details, “Crimson at Cape May” is a narrative that truly has something for everyone.

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Between Witches and Angels

A captivating beginning of an amazing series for an array of audiences who enjoy light fantasy mysteries, romance, witches, and angels!

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Book Video Spotlight


by Kaylin McFarren

This dark drama of angels and demons begins with a father on death row for murdering his son. Before his execution, he told his lawyer that the demon named Crighton was responsible. But he wouldn’t be the first killer to blame an evil entity for taking a life. Is he telling the truth, or is he criminally insane?

Meet the Author!

An Interview with Gene Lassers – Author of “Gold Mountain Express”

Born in Chicago and having lived in California for 50 years, Gene Lassers has been writing on a variety of subjects with aviation the core element. Today he has 5 books on Amazon.

He has earned both a BS and MBA degree from the University of Arizona and was commissioned in the U.S. Army as an Officer. He holds a commercial pilot’s license with ratings, was Producer of the Touch of Travel television program for 10 years. During this time, he traveled to 196 countries which has helped him to picture venues for his storylines. Gene and his wife have 4 sons and 7 grandchildren. He is always pleased to hear from his readers.

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Inside Scoop talks with Randy Overbeck – Author of “Crimson at Cape May”

Randy Overbeck

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