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Review Excerpt:J. Stewart Willis does an exceptional job bringing to life a variety of believable female characters, focusing on their personalities and feelings rather than just their physical attributes. I also liked the portrayal of Daphne’s daughters because I could see them as being actual people rather than just fictional characters. Female characters are so prevalent and realistically crafted by Willis, it actually surprised me to get to the end of the story and find out the author was not a female himself.


Review excerpt: The text embraces expectations that people anticipate and its use of present-day terms and reasoning will resonate with readers. I found the writing style to be informative, neat, and detailed. This book is unquestionably a masterpiece, and it is obvious the author did thorough research before writing this book. The well-illustrated visuals accentuate the thoughts and views expressed in this powerful read.


Review excerpt: Throughout the book, Gupta brushes upon many realms of the human psyche. I thought this was a good way to illustrate how we treat or think of different aspects of life in different ways. Just like humans like to subject other humans to labels and categories, the thought processes of human consciousness seem prone to doing this, as well. As a former anthropology and history student, it reminds me of the different ‘lenses’ we would use to study topics.

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An Interview with Christopher Fried – Author of Whole Lot of Hullabaloo

Christopher Fried (1985-) currently lives in Richmond, VA. He is an alumnus of the College of William and Mary. Over the years, he has contributed poetry and non-fiction articles to print and online journals. As a promoter of 1980s nostalgia and synthwave culture, he has recently contributed reviews to NewRetroWave and he’s serving as an advisor for the upcoming 1980s sci-fi cinema documentary In Search of Tomorrow.

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