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Romance, mystery, suspense, incredible characters, and emotions that ran so deep the story actually changed my thoughts on some aspects of life, while strengthening my own beliefs regarding others. It was as if Ms. Billions knew exactly what her characters had to present in order to make a perfect read, and then completely succeeded in her task.


A beautifully illustrated hardbound book that features over 80 colorful works from the artist-author Martin Bunis. At first glance, my eyes were immediately attracted to the colorful cover, and I knew I was in for something unique. The book is a top caliber creation, produced with prime quality paper and is well bound. The pages are glossy with brightly colored images. In addition to being perfect for a coffee table, it is also gift quality.


A great collection of short stories and poems, this author has touched upon a variety of topics and themes. Calling up emotions and scenes that range from humor to drama; to scary neighbors, cool motorcycles, oddities and jocularities, writer Jolly Walker Bittick should be applauded for his ability to create and compile a menu that will have readers coming back for more.

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ulian Tryst is a fiction author from Canada who likes to observe the messed-up aspects of human nature and make stories out of them.

For more information about Julian and his work, visit his website at https://juliantryst.com/


“BOP-IT AND NO MORE COVID” – A Conversation with Jessica Wohlgemuth

Jessica Wohlgemuth is a country prairie girl who grew up on a little hobby farm passionate about animals. Her two favorite bunnies were named Flip and Flop. Oh, how she loved her soft fluffy pets! Now with nieces and nephew spending hours chasing their own bunnies, she couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like if bunnies lived in a sort of people world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about Jessica Wohlgemuth and her work visit her Etsy shop: The Hidden Pine Tree

2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Awards


In Memoriam

Treasured friend, author, editor, and reviewer Amy Lignor passed away unexpectedly in May 2022. 

Amy loved every aspect of the writing world and gave her all in everything she touched. Her work within the indie writing community made a tremendous impact and, as a dedicated, respected champion of her fellow authors, she found pure joy in helping them succeed. She will be deeply missed.

At Reader Views, we only had the privilege of working with Amy for a little over a year, and yet it feels like we’ve always been a part of her family. That was her way. Amy had a remarkable ability to wrap her arms around everyone she came in contact with and make them feel like a member of her tribe. Thank you, Amy, for the honor of being even a small part of your world.