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What is Divine Energy

This landmark work is an incredibly profound but straightforward exposition of the “science of everything.”

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You've Got Some Nerve

This remarkable odyssey of injury and recovery peels back the layers of invisible injury. Readers will know what it’s like to experience a devastating life event that would side-line most people forever.

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Crimson at Cape May

As a ghost story combined with a mystery, a romance, a social injustice, and stunning historical details, “Crimson at Cape May” is a narrative that truly has something for everyone.

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Book Video Spotlight

by Randy Overbeck

Cape May’s resident ghost, the “Haunted Bride” seeks help exacting justice for her murder and uncovering a human trafficking racket! It’s a paranormal thriller you won’t soon forget!


Meet the Author

An Interview with Derryen Plante – Author of “You’ve Got Some Nerve”

Derryen Plante is a survivor who battled back from a traumatic brain injury and redefined herself in the wake of a horrific attack that altered the course of her life. She wrote this book to create a connection with others suffering with an invisible injury and offer them strength to build a new life post-injury.

As part of her recovery, Derryen discovered a new career path. She rose through the ranks quickly and is now a Principal Revenue Agent for the State of Maine, which allows her to utilize the same skills she honed in preparation for becoming a special investigator.

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Inside Scoop talks with Mark Bello – Author of “Betrayal High”


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