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Bob Rich, author of  Ascending Spiral: Humanity’s Last Chance and more

Bob Rich is an Australian storyteller, with 19 published books in a variety of genres including both fiction and nonfiction. Five of his books, and over 40 short stories, have won awards. He has retired 5 times so far, from 5 different occupations, but is still going strong as a Professional Grandfather. Any human born since 1993 qualifies as his grandchild.

Everything he does, including his writing, is working toward a survivable future for them, and one worth surviving in.

He carries on much of this work at his popular blog, Bobbing Around

He discovered that he was a Buddhist at 23 years of age, when a Christian minister of religion told him. In those pre-internet days, he needed to spend a day in the University library to check up on this claim, and to his surprise found his philosophy set out in beautiful words. He decided not to sue the Buddha for plagiarism, as an act of metta (lovingkindness).



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