Sacha Fortune


I am a passionate reader who loves indie books in particular, and I like finding a new-to-me author/book that needs to be shared with the world! As I’m also an author, I know how desperate we all are for reviews, and I always take the time to write a detailed, balanced review that actually tells someone what the book is about and gives a real feel for it (something I myself would appreciate, before wasting my time on a stinker!). I absolutely LOVE to rave about a book that rocked my world — while it doesn’t happen often, I’ll scream it from the mountaintops when it does!

Favorite Genres

Alternative Health, Business, Real Estate, Finance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, How-To, LGBTQIA+, Memoir/Biography/Autobiography, Mystery/Thriller, Novel/General Fiction, Parenting/Families, Pets/Animals, Relationships, Romance, Sci-Fi, Seasonal, Self-Help/Inspiration/Lifestyle, Short Stories/Anthologies/Graphic Novels, Social Sciences, Travel and Adventure, Writing/Publishing