Brain Attack: Surviving a Stroke

Carol E. Yorke
Strategic Book Publishing (2015)
ISBN 9781628578744
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/16)

“Brain Attack: Surviving a Stroke,” is a concisely written, thirty-three page book authored by stroke survivor, Carol E. Yorke. Initially, the stroke was very difficult for Carol because of how it affected her physically and emotionally. Losing the ability to care for herself and not knowing how to deal with her husband’s reaction and how it affected them both caused her a great deal of loss. After she focused on healing and developing a positive attitude, her life became much, much better even though she did not fully regain functioning.                     

“Brain Attack,” is written for stroke survivors. I read it because my mother recently had a mild stroke and I work with students who have had strokes. I wanted to gain a better understanding of their experience. I learned so much, especially when the author discusses the reactions to stroke as going through the stages of grief, for both the survivor and the family. Putting a positive focus on moving forward and living life fully makes this a wonderful book to read, especially for the people who are dealing with loss.

In “Brain Attack: Surviving a Stroke,” author Carol E. Yorke makes the reader feel like she is a personal friend giving guidance based upon her own personal experience. It would really mean a lot to gift this book to someone who has experienced a stroke.

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