Capone Island

Stephen G. Yanoff
AuthorHouse (2019)
ISBN 9781728308296
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (8/19)

“Capone Island,” written by author Stephen G. Yanoff, is a novel, with a blend of mystery, ruthless gangsters, romance, and spies, all coming together in a search for lost treasures. The main character, Adam Gold, is an insurance investigator who inadvertently, while investigating a claim, gets caught up in more trouble than he bargains for. There are various shady characters and twisted romances that he must navigate to locate the lost treasure of Al Capone.

The story is set in various exotic locales, such as the Florida Everglades, Miami, and Cuba. Most of the characters have their own motives and interests; quite different from each other. Treachery, falsehoods, and back-stabbing seems as if it's par for the course. The threat of death or murder lies around every corner. No one can be fully trusted, and one must always be on the lookout.

This is one of those books that one mustn’t discuss in a review in detail, so as to keep the ending hidden, and the various twists and turns from discussion. As I've mentioned, the plot is brilliant, all stemming from a seemingly, mundane investigation by an insurance investigator. “Capone Island,” is a classic mystery, involving the most dangerous people that one could ever be involved with – spies and gangsters. Various specks of romances are mixed into the plot, and the historical back setting by the author makes everything falls together. That the author is a former insurance executive also serves this novel well.

One will quickly notice that quite a bit of exhaustive research was initiated before the writing this novel. All of the characters involved, along with the various interactions between the characters and the historical facts included bring the story to life, making the reader feel as if you're actually in the story. The detailed information, vivid characters, exotic locales, twisted plots and hidden dangers, all weave together into a classic timeless mystery. I could actually see this novel being adapted into a film or television movie. Yes, “Capone Island” by Stephen G. Yanoff is that good of a read! Highly recommended. Easy 5 STARS.