The House on Seventh Street

Karen Vorbeck Williams
Booktrope Editions (2015)
ISBN 9781513702100
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/15)

“The House on Seventh Street” by Karen Vorbeck Williams takes us to a house on Seventh Street that was built 87 years ago by Winna and her sister Chloe’s grandfather. When their father, who had last been living in the house, mysteriously passes away, Winna returns to the family home to settle his estate. As she explores the old house, she discovers pieces from her past and those of her relatives. These pieces are parts of a puzzle surrounding the mysteries that have seriously affected several generations of her family. The more Winna discovers, the more she feels the need to search. Forbidden love, hidden treasures, and dysfunctional relationships have all haunted the family. Winna wants answers as to what has really happened over the years.

In spite of Chloe being disinherited from her father’s will, Winna feels the need to include her in both the estate settlement and the search for answers. Both women were affected by their relative’s behaviors. As Winna investigates, she starts finding the answers that she was seeking. It also becomes apparent that someone is after the treasures that have been hidden in the house and they will do anything to get to them, even if this means killing Winna. The tension builds as the clock starts ticking down. 

I loved being able to curl up with “The House on Seventh Street.” I enjoyed getting caught up in the old and the new mysteries that were taking place at that address. The author does an excellent job of building suspense into the story. She also ties up all the loose ends so that by the last page, everything is answered. The characters are well developed, yet they continue to evolve as they gain answers to questions that help them heal from the dysfunctional issues caused by the family issues. I cannot imagine anything being added to this story that would have made it more perfect.

I highly recommend reading “The House on Seventh Street” by Karen Vorbeck Williams, especially if you have some time off and want to curl up and read in front of a fire, or you are relaxing at a beach where you have no one to distract you from the suspense. It would also make a great selection for a reader’s group. Interesting, introspective conversations will be sure to come from enjoying this great novel.

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