Crocotta’s Hackles

Katharine Wibell
Phaesporia Press (2018)
ISBN 9780998377940
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/19)

“Crocotta’s Hackles,” is the third book in the Incarn Saga by Katharine Wibell. This adventure begins with Lluava, a talented female warrior, who is about to turn eighteen years old. Lluava resides in the kingdom of Elysia. Elysia, ruled by humans, is inhabited by both humans and Theriomorphs, and the species struggle to get along.

Theriomorphs are able to change into other forms of life.  Lluava is a Theriomorph and she can transform into a white tiger. She is also in love with her human king. Raiders and Berserkers are traveling through the land destroying everything in their path, and when Elysia is at risk of being attacked again, Lluava and a huntsman named Apex take off to find help. Like Lluava, Apex is a Theriomorph - he can change into a wolverine. Both Lluava and Apex are a part of a small group of 12 Theriomorphs, who the Gods have gifted with extra special powers. They set off together with the hopes of finding more people like them and recruiting aid in the battle against the Raiders.  The two discover so much about who they really are while they are on their journey. They also must decide who can be trusted and unfortunately, their choices don’t always work in their favor.

While this is the third book in the Incarn Saga series, it was the first one for me to read and I recommend starting at the beginning and reading them in order. I found myself getting a little confused at first because the reoccurring characters were new to me. But, once I caught up, the story took off for me and I could not put this amazing fantasy saga down!

The author did a fantastic job of bringing this foreign land to life. The descriptions are given in vivid detail, making it easy to “see” these places. The author also did a wonderful job of breathing life into these characters. The Theriomorphs spend much of their lives in their animal forms, so some of their personal attributes are derived from their animal. The Theriomorphs and humans both have good reason for not being able to fully trust each other. The tension between the two groups adds a nice touch to the drama.

I highly recommend this captivating series by Katharine Wibell and I definitely plan on going back and reading all of them!