Karma’s a Killer

Tracy Weber
Midnight Ink (2016)
ISBN 9780738742106
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07/17)

Having just binged watch a whole season of The Walking Dead, I was ready for something a bit lighter. “Karma’s a Killer” by Tracy Weber was the perfect choice. While a murder mystery might not seem like light reading material, it was easier to view it this way when the victim wasn’t so well liked. Plus there are other things going on that had me laughing. 

This is the first book for me to read in Tracy Weber’s Downward Dog Series. I enjoyed this one so much, I will continue to catch up on and follow this series. I found myself relating to the main character, Kate Davidson who is a yoga teacher in Seattle. I am not a yoga teacher and I do not live in Seattle, but like Kate, I have a rescue that I adore, but have to be very careful with him being around other people, dogs, children, and in my case vehicles that have easily removable plastic parts. Like Kate, I have to alter my life to work around his special needs. Like Kate, I am always trying to think peaceful thoughts, but frequently find myself having to remind myself to try to do so when I am stressed.

Kate gets caught up in a local murder mystery after she agrees to participate at a local fundraiser for an animal shelter. She accidentally hears an argument between two women. One of them seems strangely familiar to her. After hearing their argument, she tries to have a peaceful day at the event. But there are some animal rights activists who will do anything to be heard and they use this event to push their own public and personal agendas. Things really get out of hand when Kate has to teach a Doga (dog yoga) class and a wealthy investor shows up with a bunny!

When Kate discovers that the woman who seems familiar to her is actually her birth mother, she is in a quandary about whether or not she should help her. As she is figuring things out, she learns a lot about her childhood, the woman who rejected her, and her father. Things were not quite what she had been told. This helps motivate her to get to the bottom of finding out who actually is responsible for the murder.

I really enjoyed “Karma’s a Killer” by Tracy Weber and escaping into Kate’s world. Readers, especially animal and yoga lovers will really enjoy this series. I also recommend this as a choice for woman’s reader groups because it will generate lively discussions.

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