Shadows and Teeth: Ten Terrifying Tales of Horror and Suspense, Volume 1

Various Authors
Darkwater Syndicate, Inc. (2016)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/16)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Shadows And Teeth: Ten Terrifying Tales Of Horror And Suspense Vol. 1’ – Various Authors on Blogcritics.

I never turn down the chance to read a good horror story. “Shadows and Teeth” attracted my attention immediately - just by the title! Once I began reading, I quickly found myself drawn into the ten horrifying tales of terror that actually caused me to have some bad dreams. Perhaps that is what is so fun about a good horror story, because once read, the stories continue on in our nightmares.

Even a short story can actually go a long way when it manages to work its way into our psyches, because it can also haunt us when we are awake. While I found all of the tales to be very well written, I am not sure if I can say which one was the most disturbing. Each story is uniquely written by a talented author, and the writing styles varied so that each story stood out on its own. Some of the terrors covered include murder, madness, evil rituals, haunting, and vengeance. The tales with the supernatural elements were unnerving; however, I also found the ones based on mundane people with mental illnesses such as psychotic behavior to be equally disturbing because these things could actually happen.

A gift that comes from reading an anthology is the opportunity to discover new authors. These particular authors come from all walks of life, all ages, and even different countries. As I read, I looked up other works written by the exceptional authors. In doing so, I was able to add new titles to my future reading list. I look forward to being able to catch up on their other works. One of my favorites was the first one on the list, “Water, Ice, and Vice,” by Antonio Simon, Jr. When I started reading it, I assumed it would be a bit quirky because it is about a magical refrigerator that grants wishes. Quirkiness quickly turned to horror when the protagonist in the story learned that he should be more careful about what he wishes.

I highly recommend “Shadows and Teeth” for fans of horror. I also think it would make a great selection for a reader’s group because each tale will generate some interesting discussions. It would also be a great choice for high school students who have to read a book for an assignment. Even students of the opinion that they don’t like to read, will find themselves getting caught up in the terror and forget that they are actually doing so! I really look forward to future volumes in this fantastic series.

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