The Seven Wisdoms of Life

Shai Tubali
MSI Press (2013)
ISBN 9781933455686
Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (08/17)

I was thrilled to receive “The Seven Wisdoms of Life” by Shai Tubali, and to begin exploring its contents. As a practitioner and teacher of yoga, the world of chakras is one I gravitate toward. I am pleased to say that this text fulfilled all of my expectations.

Shai Tubali is an experienced teacher and author that specializes in the subtle anatomy whose principle players are the chakras. He mentions that his intention with this book, “The Seven Wisdoms of Life” is to help his readers understand the chakras in the context of our contemporary elaborate society. Tubali does just that. Rather than chronicle the chakric system by way of its original definition, Tubali describes the chakras in more current terms; referencing them to our modern day lives as beings that experience many more complexities in life.

In Part I, he begins his in-depth examination with a general discussion of the subtle body and how it differs from the gross body that we can see. He is diligent about keeping the details “accessible” to the reader by avoiding esoteric terminology. Thus, he focuses on the most “visual” layer of the subtle body, the seven chakras. It would be valuable to take an opportunity here to define a chakra, for those of you that are unfamiliar. When we first encounter the term in Tubali’s book he explains chakras as “mediators of energy-matter interaction…bridges between the physical body and the vital life force of the universe. The chakras are the key energy centers of the whole subtle anatomy.” Many of you may know them as the spheres of rainbow lights often depicted aligning with the spine and traveling, imperceptibly, within the center of the body.

Although this first part of the book is billed as a general overview, it goes into some detail about the chakric system and how the chakras relate to the physical body and mind. In this unit, the author also describes the idea of energy and its various roles and relationships within the body and universe.  I took extensive notes here as I discovered some connections and explanations that were new and most useful for my own understanding. After years of reading texts on yoga and the subtle body, this was a wonderful discovery!

Part II, A Deep Journey into the Chakras, goes through each chakra thoroughly and gives a great deal of information on each of the seven chakras. It addresses the psychological themes associated with each chakra as well as how they affect and reflect our emotions, personality, male/female tendencies and psychosomatic disorders among other aspects. This section also deals with the levels of development for each chakra and how they affect the other chakras. To assist with a more personal understanding of each chakra, the author provides two questionnaires in the Appendix where you can assess your central chakra personality and your main chakra imbalances.  

In summary, “The Seven Wisdoms of Life” presents the seven chakras as the pathway to achieving our wisdom. Shai Tubali is concise, informative and brilliant in his descriptions. Through his words, we discover and explore the complete chakric system and how it can lead us to a fuller understanding of ourselves and the way we connect to the universal energy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to rereading it again and again.  As a tool for yoga students and spiritual seekers it is invaluable. As an introduction to the principles of wisdom, it is a tremendous step to discovering oneself on a deeper level and would benefit everyone.

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