The Soviet States of America

Joel Trumble
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478743552
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (03/16)

“The Soviet States of America” by Joel Trumble is a story about high school Russian spies! Of course, I was going to pick this one up! The story begins when the reader meets Max, a regular teenage boy who was definitely not the best fit for the W.A.A.S.D. Program (White Army Association for Soviet Defense). However, Tamoyra, his best friend and one of the most beautiful girls in school, had been offered the program, so he decided he had to join as well. The program trained teenagers to fight international crime under their ‘teenage’ disguise. Max and Tamoyra were recruited along with three of their friends, and sent to stop Iran from getting their hands on their nuclear weapons plans, to avoid the possibility of nuclear war.

Although the story premise is ingenious and creative, I believe the book still needed a lot of work and editing before being published. As it stands, it reads as a first draft, where the level of description was so detailed and repetitive that it stopped the story from moving forward. There were many grammatical issues that hurt the flow and pulled me out of the story as well. I think Joel Trumble is a promising, creative author. I hope he will consider hiring a professional editor and republish his book, as the story deserves it.

Overall, “The Soviet States of America” by Joel Trumble is a good teen spy thriller story. However, it reads as a first draft, and would benefit from professional editing.

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