Red Heeled Rebels Group (2017)
ISBN 9780993815256
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07/18)

In “Disowned” by Tikiri, Asha loses her parents in a deadly car crash while living in Tanzania. Having no other family there, her grandmother reluctantly allows her to live with her in a poor apartment, in Goa, India. Her grandmother never forgave her son, Asha’s father, for marrying a foreigner and is awful to her. Asha tries to prove her worth by learning how to cook for the family, but his is not good enough for the grandmother. As soon as she is able she goes through a marriage broker to marry Asha off to a nasty old man. Asha makes a mistake in trusting a man to help her with her escape. As a result of this, she ends up as a house slave in Toronto, Canada. After a time, she escapes from this situation, but once again she soon realizes that she has placed herself in a precarious position and must figure out a way to not only rescue herself but another woman with whom she has become close. They both flee the country, but only time will tell where their next adventure takes them.

“Disowned” by Tikiri, is a heart stopping, coming of age tale that was impossible to put down. As a Soroptimist, who lives in a border town, I am well aware of human trafficking issues. “Disowned” isn’t just a fascinating, well written novel, it is a book that will educate the reader on how trafficking can happen all over the world. If your eyes aren’t open before you read this, they will be afterwards.

The heroine in this story will also leave the reader feeling empowered to do something to help this cause, even though her character is fictional, there are amazing women like her who are fighting for the rights of trafficking victims. The author even donates a percentage of her sales to this cause.

“Disowned” by Tikiri is the first novel in the author’s Red Heels Rebels series and I look forward to reading her next volume.  I highly recommend that “Disowned” be given as a gift to readers who enjoy novels involving intrigue. I also suggest that this book be chosen as a selection for reader’s groups. It will definitely trigger a lot of interesting discussions and perhaps more people will be educated on this subject.

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