Butterfly Waltz

Jane Tesh
Silver Leaf Books (2015)
ISBN 9781609751241
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (05/16)

“Butterfly Waltz” is a charming fantasy novel by Jane Tesh. It is the story of two friends, Desmond (Des) Fairweather and Jake Brenner. Each man struggles with his own set of problems, but try to help each other through the challenges and soon find themselves in the middle of an adventure full of magic, mystery and love.

Des is a struggling young musician, who gave up a family fortune to make his own way. His success and creativity only hampered by his own fears – fears he may possess magical powers – and the family curse. Jake is a reporter for a tabloid paper, under pressure to come up with a feature story or find himself a new job.

Des reluctantly helps Jake with a lead on a story about some talking flowers at the Snowden estate. In exchange, Jake promises to help him land an audition with the symphony, a job Des desperately needs. The garden owner, Christine Snowden has troubles of her own and Jake, immediately smitten, is all too eager to help. Meanwhile during the investigation, Des meets Kalida, a beautiful, magical woman who claims to have escaped from the evil ways of her people, but is being threatened to return to her world.

This is an enchanting mystical tale entwining elements of mystery, fantasy, and romance that will appeal to readers across the genres. The characters are lively and entertaining and the story moves at a steady pace, unraveling layers of intrigue as it moves along. I found it easy to imagine myself in this fantasy world, whether it was in the dark caves of the Caverns, or among the lush garden of the talking flowers.

I recommend “Butterfly Waltz” by Jane Tesh as a delightful light read for fans of romance and fantasy. It is just the right length for a cozy, rainy day on the couch or a relaxing day at the beach.

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