Before the Sun Hits

Arthur Swan
Swanfall (2015)
ISBN 9780996560504
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (01/16)

“Before the Sun Hits” by Arthur Swan is an exciting, action-packed sci-fi thriller in which a merciless universe threatens to destroy the earth. We first meet Drew Bauer, a math professor at a small North Carolina college, who, while working on a high-priority initiative for the Chancellor, discovers the sun is dying. Professor Bauer, known for his research, may have significant information that could save the earth, but he needs some answers. He calls on Joe Sandusk, an engineer friend of his who works at a solar power plant, who confirms Bauer’s suspicions that indeed, the sun is dying and will soon explode. Trenton Smith, a sadistic billionaire, is planning his own survival and is intent on silencing Bauer and his theories. Bauer is soon recruited to help a team of scientists assembled by NASA to prevent the imminent devastation, and it is at this top secret NASA facility where Drew meets and falls hard for scientist, Lisa Maddox. Lisa’s blind loyalty to her boss, however, is questionable and could possibly sabotage the entire project. With the enemies closing in, Bauer, Joe and Lisa are in a race to the finish, where failure means the end of the world.

I was quite impressed with this story, and was surprised to find this is the author’s debut novel. It is well written, Swan’s writing style is engaging, and the pace of the plot kept the pages turning quickly; with the only goal being to devour the story as soon as possible. I typically have the strongest opinions around the protagonists in any given story, but I have to say the antagonist in this story really stirred my emotions. Trenton Smith is one of the most evil-down-to-the-core characters I have encountered in some time. Sadistic is actually the perfect word to describe the man, and oh, how I loved to hate him. The ending, at least part of the ending, was a complete surprise to me. I can’t say more than that without giving it away!

Fans of sci-fi, thrillers, action, drama and intense suspense will love “Before the Sun Hits” by Arthur Swan. Surely, there is a sequel in the works?

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