A Stone’s Throw: Memoir of a Dope Fiend

Scott A. Spackey
Primordial Productions (2015)
ISBN 9780996891325
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (6/17)

“A Stone's Throw” by Scott A. Spackey is his personal journey through the world of drugs, alcohol, lying, stealing and near-death. It is a world that only some know on the roller coaster of life, where the main objective is to get high, live a little, stay alive and continue to score.

Spackey’s in-depth journey will put some readers in shock, unbelieving that someone would go to such lengths to forget the world for a while. But reality is that there is such a world. Some of what the author writes is true; other parts are what he believes to have happened. As with anyone who is addicted to drugs, there are things that can’t be remembered. Spackey’s journey begins at the age of 13 when he began using pot, which then worked its way to LSD at 15, and heroin, cocaine and meth at age 17.

The author relied upon many of the people he was involved with to write this memoir.  He tells the reader that writing this book almost caused his downfall, which confirms that addiction is very tricky - it is always knocking at one’s door.  Throughout the book you will meet a cast of characters who took the journey with Spackey. Today he still has contact with some, others have passed on and one vehemently denies anything written about him. Interestingly enough, sometimes jealousy emerges.

Spackey’s life has not been easy, and even after he got his life together it has been touch and go. After numerous jobs in commercial building, the author now finds himself working as a counselor and life coach. He is a dedicated single father of a wonderful son.

“A Stone's Throw” by Scott A. Spackey is very well written and will capture the reader’s attention from the beginning. It is a world that many of us do not know or understand. The author has the ability to write in such a way you feel like you are inside the mind of each character, experiencing what they are at any given time. It is a very scary ride but you will find you will not be able to put this book down.

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