Stop & Frisk

Sheryl Sorrentino
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781507892329
Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (1/16)

Sheryl Sorrentino’s book “Stop & Frisk” focuses on the drama-packed and complicated life of Paulie Beckwith, in Modesto, California. Paulie’s life is complex and full of conflict at his job as a bouncer at a local strip club, Insanidad’s House of Girls. While trying to keep the peace within the club, Paulie is also torn apart internally from his ex-girlfriend, Lena, the bartender at the club, who is currently dating the club’s owner, Hernan. 

Paulie is a very poor man and struggles within his life to survive financially. Despite his low socioeconomic status and chaotic life, he tries to help others. He struggles with trying to compete with Hernan to win Lena back, but with empty pockets and not much of a future, this is an uphill battle.

The book is a definite page-turner. From the first scene where Paulie is doing his job as a bouncer, squeezing the jewels of a patron while searching for any potential weapons stored in his pants, we get the sense that Paulie is not someone to mess with. He takes his job very seriously and won’t take crap from anyone.

The scenes in the book are described in very vivid details, which helps the reader to be drawn further into the story. The dialogue between Paulie and the patrons, Lena, Hernan, and his neighbor Yolanda is quite riveting and comical at times. He is gruff and to the point with the language of a foul-mouthed teenager. I would recommend “Stop & Frisk” by Sheryl Sorrentino to any reader who likes a good drama with a love triangle. Many of us can relate to feeling life doesn’t turn out fair, when the person you love is being pursued by someone else who has more money and prestige than you will ever have. The reader feels for Paulie and his constant battles, both physical and emotional. I enjoyed reading this book and I think others readers will as well.

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