Vanishing Pixels

Diane Smith
River Otter Press (2015)
ISBN 9780983553083
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/16)

“Vanishing Pixels” by Diane Smith is a unique well-written collection of poetry, thoughts, and short stories straight from the author’s mind. Like the cover of the book, its contents are pixels of a whole picture. Each one stands alone, yet together they paint a whole message to the reader. The message I took from it is that all life moments and its characters are interconnected, painting humanity’s picture as a whole. If these moments were to disappear and be forgotten, then humanity would also disappear, and life would no longer make sense.

The book begins with one of my favorite pixels in the Preface with the moment a 12-year-old girl witnesses how fragile life is captured. It is just a moment in the life of the author perhaps, but a moment that is a big part of who a 12-year-old girl becomes later on. Another type of pixel shared by the author is short poems that will give readers a moment captured in her mind. The best example is the one that carries the book title, which I quote below:

Vanishing Pixels

Winter comes after a long, fall slumber. Chilled air
Fills the lungs like prickly pine cones scraping against
flesh. And, the days are now short, dark, and cold.
Chickadees feast on fatty suet sustaining them for
chilly days.

Perhaps spring will come again…

In my opinion Diane Smith presents a well written, enjoyable, sometimes heart wrenching and thought provoking collection. My only complaint, if any at all, would be that I sometimes found the sequence of each piece confusing. Perhaps if organized in a less eclectic format the pieces would have flowed in such of way that it would have been easier to see the picture of thought as whole.

Overall, I found “Vanishing Pixels” by Diane Smith to be an awesome little book to come back to again and again to put life into perspective. I definitely recommend this book!

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