In the Lotus of the Heart

Namah, Inc. (2015)
ISBN 9780991257867
Reviewed By Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (5/15)

Author, Shubhraji, is a Vedanta teacher originally from India. Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that offers timeless and beautiful teachings appreciated by people from all over the world. “In the Lotus of the Heart,” Shubhraji offers beautiful writings, advice, and exercises that teach us how to look at the divine essence that is within us. Using these practices, we learn to have more fulfilling relationships with both others and ourselves. Of course, the work must first begin with ourselves. We can do this by looking inside ourselves to work through inner struggles and past conditionings. Breaking through our self-imposed limitations allow us to move forward in our relationships with others. By working through our pasts, Shubhraji shows us how we can see our own inner “essence of divine love.”

"In the Lotus of the Heart" is so beautifully written. It would make a wonderful gift, either for oneself or for a loved one. Shubhraji presents a lot of helpful information in a way that is easily understood by the reader. She also suggests a variety of practices that will be helpful in learning to go within. The exercises offered at the end of each chapter are very basic, yet thought provoking, and many involve simple steps that will also benefit others around us as we are practicing them. I love this aspect, because while we step inside of ourselves to learn how to heal, we are still acting in ways that will keep us from becoming selfish. I highly recommend reading this beautiful, life healing book.

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