Citizen Warrior: The 4th Branch

J. Thomas Rompel
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781530423224
Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views (12/2016)

“Citizen Warrior: The 4th Branch” by J. Thomas Rompel begins when Carter Thompson’s Black Friday shopping trip to the Southwest Regional Mall in Tucson Arizona turns into a nightmare, as a group of terrorists were assaulting the mall with heavy AK-47s, shooting at anyone on their way.

Carter goes into self-surviving mode, protecting himself with his gun, as his private citizen militia training kicked in, until he saw that one of the terrorists was about to shoot a man and his family. At that point, Carter shoots the terrorist saving the family from certain death. The man he saved was a retired Delta Force Colonel Doug Redman. Both men go on to save everyone they could until the police arrived and finished off the remainder of the terrorists. As a result of the terrifying event, a friendship flourishes between the two of them and they begin training together. Weeks later Doug learns from a friend that an old couple is being threatened by the Magdalena Cartel in the US/Mexico border. The family lives at the X-7 Ranch, Cochise County, Arizona, and because the border police weren’t doing anything, Carter and Redman decided to step in and help. They did not know that they were getting into a race to save the US from Isis.

Rompel gives readers a well-written action driven novel that will take readers into a page turning adventure to save the US from an ISIS terrorist attack that could change the country. The dialogues are genuine to the characters; the action descriptions are spot on, making it possible for the reader to visualize the encounters easily. The author is very knowledgeable of military strategy and weaponry, making the read real and believable. Rompel delivers an entertaining, military action novel sure to captivate readers.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Citizen Warrior: The 4th Branch” by J. Thomas Rompel and recommend it to all readers who love the genre. It is relevant to our times and will linger on readers’ minds, haunted by the possibility of something like this really happening. Hope to see more from Rompel!

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