Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old!

Roger Roemmich
iUniverse (2013)
ISBN 9781475987157
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/15)

In “Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old!” author Roger Roemmich uses his extensive education and experience in the area of finance to present an informative yet easy to read book on the best strategies for retirement. I thought I was preparing myself pretty well for that day, but upon reading this book, I realized that I was missing information in a few areas. I would like to retire as soon as possible; however, it would appear that to do so could cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. At forty-eight, I still have plenty of time to start applying some of the strategies presented and to consider what I need to do so that I don’t actually even have to think about eating dog food when I decide that I am ready to step down from my career.

I think that this book would be excellent for a young person entering into the work world so that they can lay a proper foundation for their future. I also feel that it is good for someone my age because I have been doing a lot of investing and preparing for when that day comes, yet I was naïve to think that I could do it as early as I thought. I plan on going back over all of the information that the author presented to make sure that all of the best strategies are in place so that if I have to retire at a younger age, I won’t get hit as hard. I was happy that all of the information presented was in a straightforward manner that a lay person could easily understand. Finance is not my area of expertise, so I need all the help I can get.

I highly recommend, “Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old!” by Roger Roemmich to all people who are in the workforce. If we are going to work hard most of our adult lives, then we should be able to retire and live comfortably without having to depend on someone else, or live in poverty. Great read.

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