Ryan T. Petty
Melange Books Fire and Ice (2016)
ISBN 9781680463118
Reviewed by Julia Martinec for Reader Views (02/17)

“Resistant” isn’t your typical apocalyptic story… Ryan T. Petty has put a new spin on the ever-so-used zombie apocalypse story. Instead of everyone turning into the walking dead, he has come up with a pretty new twist of the plot. Depending on your blood type, the virus that has killed and transformed humans across the world will affect you differently. For example, some turn suicidal, others completely forget who they are, and then there are those who turn violent and kill for pleasure. This gave the book a more interesting and curious plot line, pushing the reader eagerly forward to see how everyone was infected. This drew me into reading more and more of the story, and gave it an action packed storyline.

But the part that drew me in the most was the character of Jennifer. It’s her story that we follow and from the time she emerges from a secret government facility in the woods, to what happens to her in the end, really grabbed my interest and keeping me excitingly turning pages until the very end. Jennifer’s ferocity and willingness to accept and fight the unknown and strange events gave me reason to root for her. She also gave the author a perfect excuse to throw in a well-constructed and cheesy romance, and you can only hope that it will survive this dismal world. That was my favorite part of this book. I’m a sucker for romances.

So if you like action, apocalypse, and romance then “Resistant” is for you. It will draw you in with its storyline and characters. You won’t want to put the book down until you’re finished. Best part is Ryan T. Petty is working on a sequel and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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