Murder on the Marsh

Anne Penketh
Joffe Books (2016)
ISBN 9781911021834
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (01/17)

“Murder on the Marsh” by Anne Penketh begins when Sam Clayton, a detective from Norfolk Village is at home on his day off trying to get the image of a murdered young boy, whose body was lacking his heart, out of his mind. While relaxing with his guitar, Sam is interrupted by the phone. When he answers, he is informed that a waitress has gone missing in Glaveny, the same village the boy’s body was found. She was reported missing by her neighbor who babysat her son, as she never picked the boy up. The dead waitress, Emma Dawson, was the organizer of the ‘Mother Julian Cult.’ As Clayton continues with the investigation, Dawson’s body is also found in the Marsh. She had been strangled. The storyline is based on Clayton’s investigation along with two other detectives: Neil and Julie. Through their efforts, they not only uncover the murders, they also discover the dark world of the ‘Mother Julian Cult.”

Ann Penketh produced a well-written British mystery, which kept me intrigued and hooked from page one. The characters felt genuine and real. The setting was easy to visualize, as I felt transported to the small Norfolk Village. It was a quick and easy read as the storyline flowed nicely throughout.

In general, I found “Murder on the Marsh” by Anne Penketh to be an awesome mystery that takes place in a colorful British village, and colorful characters as captivating as the plot. I give it Five Stars and recommend it to all mystery and detective story fans! I will definitely follow this author.

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