Most Highly Favored Daughter

Janice Lane Palko
Plenum Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781534908925
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (1/17)

“Most Highly Favored Daughter” by Janice Lane Palko is an engaging mix of suspense, drama, and romance.

Cara Cavanaugh Hawthorne Wells, aptly named “Miss Goody Two Shoes,” has been awarded the Mother Teresa Award for her work with children, while her sister, Sophie is just the opposite. Sophie is a wild child; does as she wishes and loves the shock factor. Both sisters were brought up in money by a father who was disinterested in caring for them unless it met what he needed. His potential to be nominated for the Ambassador of the United Nations provides more reason to alienate himself from his daughters.

After the awards ceremony, Cara finds herself in bed, naked and can’t figure out how she got that way. Now she is being blackmailed when pictures of her and a young boy surface that might end all she has worked for.

Cara’s husband whom she thought loved and supported her, turns against her and files for divorce. He is arrogant, and loves nothing more than to verbally abuse her. Given that she has no support from family, she turns to Jake Gold, a private investigator. Jake is a condescending, brutally straightforward type of person and they do not hit it off at first, but as they both seek to find out who is behind the blackmail they both give up their thoughts and move forward.

The investigation leads them to the seedy side of life in Pittsburgh, which shocks them both. The more they investigate, the more sordid it gets.

Palko provides very vivid descriptions of her characters and provides a story with twists and turns that will keep you reading. Her subplots include sibling rivalry, cheating husband, and an attraction to a man she should stay away from. The topic of sex trafficking is something most do not talk about, much less think about. Readers will have many emotions-they will be up, down, and all around.

Palko transitions her characters and events seamlessly while adding more suspense to an intriguing story. Just as I thought I had things figured out, something else throws my thoughts to the wind.

“Most Highly Favored Daughter” by Janice Lane Palko is a good read, full of action and one that is not filled with dirty language and detailed sexual encounters. Her ending will surprise you.

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