Dog Eared: A Year’s Romp through the Self-Publishing World

W. Nikola-Lisa
Gyroscope Books (2017)
ISBN 9780997252446
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (2/18)

“Dog Eared: A Year’s Romp through the Self-Publishing World” by W. Nikola-Lisa tells the author’s story as he ventures from traditional publishing to the Indie world. This memoir/publishing/ business book  takes readers through  one year in the life of an Indie author giving them a personal, firsthand account of the ‘Author’s Life.’

It begins as Nikola-Lisa finally takes on the semi-quasi impossible job of cleaning his office. Slowly but surely he goes through the shelves by reminiscing on his past, and how the book he is holding each time, came about. The story unravels Nikola-Lisa’s life to the reader through anecdotes of his youth, his school speaking events, relationships with his family, the people he meets casually, etc. Yet, mingled within his life’s accounts, writers will actually receive wise advice about publishing books as an Indie author.

I think W. Nikola-Lisa created a well written, entertaining account of what self-publishing entails. From the birth of his pen name to how some book titles came up, Nikola opens up on personal, and professional aspects of his life that are relatable to all readers, book lovers and writers alike. This unique book is fun and easy to read, but make no mistake, it is also amazingly informative, offering wise advice to writers on what to expect from the self-published life.  I enjoyed reading this book and even took notes for myself; however, the narrator’s voice used some expressions that turned me off because they felt cliché to me. Even so, I was happy to read it and will recommend to my colleagues.

Overall, I found “Dog Eared: A Year’s Romp through the Self-Publishing World” by W. Nikola-Lisa to be a well written and entertaining roadmap for new Indie authors. Definitely recommend!

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