Gary E. Miller
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478754589
Reviewed by Juliana Leal for Reader Views (02/16)

“Reflections” by Gary E. Miller is a book of poems based on the author’s experiences throughout his life and his travels around the world. His poems are a description of every little detail he encountered on his journey. His words are the expression of simple situations that read with a magical rhyming, living and describing moments and thoughts very directly to the reader.

I like his poem “Each Piece of Life”

"I live
The life I see
Old and new things
that come and go
Are here and gone
And will appear
Near and far
A ways away
Arrive today
On its own schedule.

Refuel the coolness
Warm and reflect
Old feelings
New thoughts
Those you bought
And the free ones
that arrive.

Life becomes
The Evening of the Day."

The diversity of his words in his poems is unique. When I read, I would visualize and place myself in all the places and the simple situations that he gets inspired from; small pieces from here and there. When placed all together, the beauty is in his touch of mystery and rhyming.

“Autobio” is another great poem that by Miller, letting you know very simply how he describes life.

"The power of wisdom
knowing and doing
your own life.
Understanding parts
of other things.
Attitudes, cultures
of experience.

Other considerations
Awareness curiosity
Variety of reflection
Expansion exploration relation
Integration expansion extension

Your own choosing

The questions
You pursue."

Reflections? Questions? Much more is what Miller describes with each word that he places together, to create his work of art through the experiences in his life. “Reflections” by Gary E. Miller shares his journey of life and exposes all the wisdom he surely achieved on that journey.

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