At The Root: My journey to health and healing

Kimberly Miles, M.A.
Sojourn Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9781627470087
Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (09/17)

From the minute I opened this book, I knew that it was going to make an impact on my life. “At The Root: My journey to health and healing” takes an in-depth look at one woman’s passage from pain and suffering to joy and restoration. Kimberly Miles’ memoir could be your story as it presents the difficulties associated with dealing with unexplained illnesses and the frustration in managing the symptoms they produce.

This account presents a wide spectrum of medical and natural health research over a period of nearly 30 years. During this extensive span of time, the author experiences a myriad of illnesses and diseases, ranging from persistent pneumonia to chronic lymph node swelling and memory loss. Her frustrating account has her dealing with symptoms that incapacitate her and affect her career, marriage and overall outlook on life.

After trying a multitude of doctors, diet changes and medicines, she is told, “it was likely that my health issues were all in my head.” Supported by anatomical figures and chronicled symptom charts and reports, Kimberly explains how she educates herself on ways to understand (in layman’s terms) what is happening to her body and how she can help.

Diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lymphoma and Epstein Barr Virus champion her to search out lifestyle changes that might improve her health and alleviate stress. Although she receives intermittent periods of functioning health, she continues to encounter symptoms and finds that the worry involved depletes her energy sources even more. Refusing to “maintain this low standard of wellness,” she strives to discover the stressor that is responsible for keeping her body ill.

Finally, her search leads her to a doctor who associates her previous dental procedures with her general health issues. From there, she encounters a biological dentist who presents facts that, for the first time, ring true to her quest. What follows is a dramatic account of how chronic focal infection interferes with the whole body’s ability to heal.

I read this book voraciously realizing that many of my own symptoms, which typically come and go, could be attributed to some of the many dental procedures I have had over my lifetime. This memoir is in no way presented to evoke fear or scare you into never going to the dentist again. It is a genuine eye-opening biography written in true form to give the reader insight into how to take more responsibility for your wellness and to have the courage to work in conjunction with your providers to make the wisest choices when faced with health challenges. In the final analysis, it is the challenges that we are faced with that present the most opportunity for growth. In the words of Ann Allen, “boldly go into the great and vast unknown.” In this book, you will learn how and why these words stayed with the author throughout her ordeal and gave her the drive and determination to persist.

Even if you are not a medical person, you will be absorbed by the details in, “At The Root.” It is a great blend of science and art. Once digested, you will realize, like I did, that Kimberly Miles’ experiences prepare her for this tedious pilgrimage toward healing. Therefore, it is not just a tale of illness and struggle toward health. Kimberly’s experience and awareness along this 30-year long journey have culminated in a philosophical book that is truly remarkable and even magical.

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