The Goddess’ Vengeance

Alexander Maxwell
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478762218
Reviewed by Shamekia Agnew for Reader Views (8/17)

“The Goddess’ Vengeance” by Alexander Maxwell is about the Goddess Mafdet, freed from centuries of slavery by her powerful brother, Ra.  She ends up in a magical foreign world where she plans her revenge against the brother that enslaved her.  There is “a man in black” with powers that exceed hers or her god pantheon, always coming to her rescue. In this new world she helps the son of the “man in black” fight against another god and his allies.

This book is full of imagination, but it reads like the author is young and inexperienced in life.  I could see it being a good choice for a young adult.  The story has a lot of adventure but it seems to be a jumble of scenarios forced to fit together.

I, personally find it frustrating when authors have their story take place in a land or culture outside of their own, but do not take the time to learn about the peoples’ point of view they are speaking from.  “The Goddess’ Vengeance” was one of those books that do not extend outside the author’s imagination to offer real richness of the culture being presented. If that doesn’t bother you, you may be able to get into it.

I am not sure I understand what the author wanted communicate to his audience.  The characters’ emotional and psychological dilemmas felt as if they were force fed into the story.  The characters also earned quite a few sighs and eye rolls as I meandered my way through their adventures and quest for revenge. 

If you are looking for a fast, easy read that you can finish in a day or two, “The Goddess’ Vengeance” by Alexander Maxwell could qualify. It might be best suited toward a younger audience.

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