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Full Breach

N. Lawrence Mann
N. Lawrence Mann, LLC. (2017)
ISBN 9780692911754
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (12/17)

“Full Breach,” Book One in the Blue Warp Series by N. Lawrence Mann, is a unique suspense novel that captures all the great elements of a mystery that will keep you guessing what is truth and what is fiction.

Brennan Reynolds is a songwriter whose addiction has gotten the best of him. Experiencing severe headaches, hallucinations and tormented dreams, he soon finds himself a suspect in a murder investigation.  His troubles escalate when he encounters a runway from a cult, both fearing for their lives.

Beth, the escapee from the cult, is being hunted down by the use of a tracking device implanted in her wrist. An unknown masked man is tracking down so called “prophets” and forcing them to prove what they profess is true. The question is will Brennan’s addiction end his life?

“Full Breach” was not what I expected; it was more. Mann brings readers into the world of addiction and all the nightmares that go with it. I loved Harvey, the masked man who was willing to go to any lengths to help get rid of the prophet and his henchmen.

The characters will drive you crazy, either you love or hate them. Each has a specific role in enabling Brennan’s addiction while at the same time condemning him for his use. I found the very vivid and almost real visions Brennan has while using his drug of choice captivating, in that he can read the minds of others, which he uses to his advantage. The characters, dialogue and story, make readers realize that this type of mind reading could, in fact, be true if only those in the scientific field did not think it was just “paranormal junk.”

The inclusion of Dr. Diana Navarro into the story was quite excellent on the author’s part as she is a tenured professor in the Astronomy Department of Arizona State. Her published book about human spirituality and science explains a lot about what is going on with Brennan.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Full Breach” by N. Lawrence Mann, as it was engrossing from the first page to the very last. It gives one the best of all great components in a suspense novel. I look forward to reading more in the author’s Blue Warp Series.

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