Wherever You Are

Cynthia Lim
Coffeetown Press (2018)
ISBN 9781603817219
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (10/18)

None of us know what the next day will bring and Cynthia Lim shows us exactly that in, “Wherever You Are,” the devastating, incredible journey she and her family lived through when her husband Perry suffered a cardiac arrest which left him with a brain injury.

I will say that the author’s first sentence hit me like a rock: “I should have started CPR, but when I heard my husband gasp, when I saw his chest heave, I didn’t know what to do.” How many of us would be paralyzed and not be able to think straight? I know that I might have been in the same situation, regardless of whether I knew CPR or not.

The author takes us on her family's journey during and after Perry’s cardiac arrest until his passing in 2018. I loved that she didn’t spend time dwelling on “what ifs” but focused on how she was able to move forward and learn to love her “new” husband and still try to maintain normalcy for her sons. Unless one has been in a caretaker position or has suffered a debilitating event, it is hard to imagine what one would do.

The author’s raw emotion, honesty and drive to remain with her husband during this journey warmed my heart. During my time as a psychologist working with families with special needs, I have seen many give up and leave the marriage.

I imagine that the author, upon writing this memoir, would find it hard to relive the pain and anxiety along with the emotions during that time. I am very grateful to her for sharing her journey providing honest emotions as well as inspiration for those who have at one point or currently experience this lifestyle. So many times, you read doom and gloom on these topics, and it was refreshing to see, if you will, a determined positive side.

I highly recommend “Wherever You Are” by Cynthia Lim for anyone who has been a caregiver or has a family member who has suddenly had to change their life due to conditions beyond their choice.

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