200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Alison Lewis
Robert Rose Inc. (2016)
ISBN 9780778805335
Reviewed by Tammy Petty Conrad for Reader Views (9/16)

One look at the cover of “200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes” by Alison Lewis and you will get your blender out right away! First, this is a beautiful book. The photography on the cover will catch your attention and the pictures inside will make you salivate while deciding which recipe to make first.

The author provides an in-depth introduction, including the health benefits, what kind of blender to use, staple ingredients, and possible substitutions. What surprised me was that there weren’t just breakfast smoothie bowls, but coffee and tea bowls as well as dessert options, and even kid-friendly creations. The main question – the difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl – is answered straight away. I love the idea of a thicker smoothie that I can eat with a spoon and put toppings on. Much better for me than that bowl of ice cream I’ve been going for so far!

I started by putting about 15 sticky notes on pages of the recipes I wanted to try. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few. I still haven’t tried the Strawberry Avocado one, but the Watermelon Kale bowl was a treat, even if it was very green. Who would have thought of that one? Alison Lewis did and I’m glad that’s not where her creativity ended. There are even treats like No-Bake Flaxseed Bars to choose from at the end of the book.

The Mango Tango Tea Bowl was a favorite and not just because it is fun to say. I love green tea, but I never would have thought of combining it with fruit. My next concoction just might be the Coconut Coffee Smoothie since those are two of my favorite ingredients. I like these recipes because there are only a handful of ingredients and they are easy to put together. The directions are easy to follow, and you can often replace fresh fruit with frozen when you are in a bind. The author always has a tip and sometimes a variation to help the cook be successful. Since she is a travel writer, as a well as a food journalist, maybe that’s why her recipes sound so exotic.

I think “200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes” by Alison Lewis would be a great gift for anyone, cook or not. The recipes are yummy, easy, and fun to eat. Start your blenders!

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