The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest

Scott A. Lerner
Camel Press (2015)
ISBN 9781603812917
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (03/16)

“The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest” by Scott A. Lerner hooked me right away with its title, and it did not let go of me until the end. The story begins with buddies Bob and Sam hanging out at Sam’s new house. Sam moved into a new place after horrible paranormal events and a failed relationship tainted the memories in his old home. He needed to get a new start in Champaign, Illinois and hoped to make it his new home. One day Bob asked Sam to ride with him to a small village, saying he had an appointment with a fortuneteller, but in reality, the appointment was for Sam. Once there Sam went along with it as he was mesmerized with the fortuneteller’s beauty, but the reading ended abruptly, and he was left with more questions than answers, and an attraction to the mysterious witch. Sam had no desire to get involved with anything having to do with paranormal activities or witchcraft, especially after the experience in his old house, but there would be no way around the matter. He had fallen hard for Bridget, and he would find himself pulled into being her advocate as she gets tried for dark magic and the death of many children, crimes that were punished by being burned at the stake.

Scott A. Lerner’s writing style and voice is easy to follow. He definitely has a gift for action, as I could visualize everything as it happened like a 3D movie. The plot of the story was captivating and thrilling. The characters were engaging and genuine. I did think that there was some dialogue that felt purposeless in the beginning between Bob and Sam, but as I read on the dialogue became more engaging, and moved the story forward. Overall, I really enjoyed his writing style, and will for sure check out his other books.

"The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest" by Scott A. Lerner is a fun, quick and hard to put down Halloween story. I recommend it to all urban fantasy lovers who look for a plot that will hook you from the start, engaging characters, and a twist that will surprise the reader! A four star read in my book!

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