Dark Inheritance

PB Lawson
Independently Published (2018)
ISBN 9781790974122
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (8/19)

“Dark Inheritance” by PB Lawson finds Detective Doug McKenna trying to solve murders involving killings where the victim's throats are slashed – yet there is no blood and no known relationship between any of the victims. Lawsons fast-paced, solid plot with well-described characters will keep readers on the edge of their seat right from the first page. This psychological thriller is told through the eyes of many of Lawson’s characters, which provides readers with an excellent insight into feelings, thoughts, insecurities and fear.

I appreciated the short chapters which gave me time to digest the characters while at the same time providing never-ending thrills and danger. During the storyline, readers are introduced to Dr. Stephanie Salkind who, while staying at her parent's house, comes across a satchel that explains why she has always felt her parents were hiding something from her since an early age. At the age of six, Stephanie had what her parents called “visions.” They try their best to keep the discussion closed, but as Stephanie gets older, they get worse. Old papers found in her parents' home forces, Stephanie, to reevaluate who she is, all while being drawn into the history in these old papers/manuscript.  

Lawson takes readers on a wild psychological ride while at the same time provides enough descriptive detail of his characters and events to throw one off when they think they know who the killer is. I always love it when witnesses give you just enough information to satisfy you but leave you wanting more. I found the linguistic professor, Klatt whom Stephanie contacts to transcribe the journal to be creepy and scary as he believes that he is the reincarnation of the journal's writer, and he and Stephanie are soulmates.

Readers will find the sub-plot thought-provoking as it questions whether the powerful have a right to dominate weaker individuals to maintain their own survival. “Dark Inheritance” lives up to the true form of a psychological thriller where evil can be genetically predisposed. I recommend “Dark Inheritance” by PB Lawson for those who love a twisted mystery.