Monday’s Edition

Paul Lawrence
Outskirts Press (2016)
ISBN 9781478762713
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/17)

“Monday’s Edition” is an entertaining debut novel from Paul Lawrence readers will want to devour in one sitting!

Martin Adams is a single, middle aged, self-employed IT professional. His number one hobby is sports betting. He enjoys hanging out with the guys at the place where he bets on weekends. Everything suddenly changes, when he is given access to winning information. His anonymous source remains consistent, yet still very mysterious.

Martin decides to take what he knows to Las Vegas and Reno where he can win big betting on football. His unnatural good luck starts attracting a lot of attention at the casinos and he gets banned from several. His love of gambling on football shifts to his love of trying to beat the gambling system without getting caught. Since he knows who is going to win ahead of time, after a while the game isn’t as fun. Being able to win at casinos where he is banned becomes more fun and Martin learns to come up with some creative ideas as to how he can do this. Knowing that casinos are built on the money gained from people who lose, Martin feels no remorse. He plans on donating his winnings to charity.  During this time, he also has the good fortune of meeting the woman of his dreams. The question soon becomes, “How long will his luck hold out?”

I really enjoyed reading “Monday’s Edition” by Paul Lawrence. In addition to enjoying a fun, suspenseful novel, I also learned a lot about the history of Las Vegas, football, and gambling. It is eye opening to see how the gambling industry works. The author did an excellent job of both educating me and keeping me on the edge of my seat during most of the novel. While the ending tied things up nicely, it was a bit anti-climactic because the rest of the story was so suspenseful. I definitely would love to read more novels by this author and I hope that Martin Adams gets another episode.

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