Joshua Aaron Landeros
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781517726133
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/17)

In his debut novel “Reverence,” Joshua Aaron Landeros delivers an action-packed, post-apocalyptic tale that will have readers asking for justice in the battle for world domination.

It’s 2065 and much of the world is dominated by the United Nation Republic, under the thumb of Chancellor Carl Venloran. Revered as a savior, Venloran is held in high regard by his soldiers, civilians, and world leaders; but there is an uprising brewing that threatens the existence of his empire. Super Soldiers William Marconi and Luis Viramontes lead the responsibility in protecting this new world order without question, and at any cost. When Will begins to suspect that Venloran might not be the Supreme Commander everyone thinks he is, he realizes that the cost just might be too much to pay.

Landeros does a great job, delivering a clearly crafted, multi-faceted story, which is rich in details. Well-timed flashbacks give readers an inside look into the characters and their back-stories, tying all the elements of the plot together with an exciting flair.

His characters have great depth and one really gets a sense of being inside their heads. Love them or hate them, Landeros has created strong and genuine characters that will provoke intense reactions from readers. There is a deep level of camaraderie between the soldiers, both on the side of the United Nation Republic and the rebel forces. The friction and internal conflict between the regular UNR soldiers and the Super Soldiers keep the dialogue interesting and the storyline moving. William Marconi, the protagonist grows and develops with the story, as he begins to question the motives of his Chancellor. The battle scenes are bloody, and fans of military Sci-Fi will appreciate the level of detail on the special weapons, the battles, and the protocol used throughout the storyline. It is evident that much research went into every aspect to ensure credibility.

Overall, I found “Reverence” by Joshua Aaron Landeros to be an intense, dynamic adventure, sure to be enjoyed by Sci-Fi fans. I recommend it as a four stars out of five awesome read, and look forward to seeing more work from this young author in the future.

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