Red Stick Two

Kenneth Kirkeby
Sharp Printing, Inc. (2017)
ISBN 9780692856093
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Readers Views (3/19)

“Red Stick Two” by Kenneth Kirkeby, is a novel set in the mountains of Wyoming. The main character is Virgil Cleary, an ex-marine and special ops expert, now enjoying retirement with his wife and two children. The family moved to the mountains of Gardiner Creek, Wyoming, to engage in cattle ranching. Unfortunately, the family quickly learns that cattle ranching is difficult, due to the many mountain lions in the region. The lions are attacking and slaughtering his precious cattle.

One day Virgil gets a telephone call from a former friend, also an ex-marine, who he had served with in combat years ago. This friend, who is now a member of the CIA, performs special and secret missions across the globe. His friend offers Virgil $100,000.00, commissioned by the United States Government, if he would conduct a secret mission to South America to retrieve a kidnapped American Engineer. The CIA operative desperately needs Virgil unique talents to search, locate, and bring back the captive; at all cost. Virgil agrees, as this amount of money could help with his farm.

“Red Stick Two” by Kenneth Kirkeby is a fast-paced novel that will make the reader feels as if they're spies! You'll actually feel like some of the characters in this story. The narrative is a well thought out plot, with every page asking, “what's next”? There's a lot of suspense, various twists and plots. All the characters in the story assimilate very well, with graphic images of exotic places and dangerous journeys. “Red Stick Two” also doesn't require a lot of back chapter reading; meaning that the reader doesn't have to "flip" back to previous chapters to remember names, locales, etc.

The setting in South America is also a plus; as the author brilliantly introduces the reader to a strange and exotic land with a different set of norms and values, as opposed to a typical American city. And finally, the main character is nicely defined as a typical outdoor American man; rugged, tough, and resilient, but willing to give his life for “Country.”

“Red Stick Two” by Kenneth Kirkeby is well written and one of the best novels I've ever read. 5 Stars easily!