Dreamwander: In the Ruins of Eden V. 1

Kildare Press LLC (2018)
ISBN: 9780996305716
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/19)

“Dreamwander” by Kildare is the first volume in his ‘In the Ruins of Eden’ series.

In the story, readers follow Cillian Rysgaard, a retired professor whose mind and body are failing him. At eighty-six years, old, his doctor has just diagnosed him with dementia.  Sadly, he isn’t surprised because he often finds himself lost and confused. As he leaves the doctor’s office, he walks outside into another world. He discovers that he is in the body of a man in his thirties who is dressed like a cowboy. At first, he assumes that it is his dementia, but he quickly realizes that he is in a different reality and about to be sent on a lifechanging quest to help save the universe from being destroyed from a war between the gods. Through his journey, Cillian continues to question his sanity, because he often finds himself being pulled from one dimension into another, and he still isn’t convinced that he is not dreaming. If all of this is real, then it falls upon him to be the champion and save the universe.

The author, Kildare, has done a masterful job creating a story that makes the reader feel like they are living in the same dream with the protagonist. Kildare has an incredible gift for bringing words to life. I also appreciated how well he can vividly describe something without going overboard in detail.  This gift is essential in this story because the fantasy settings and characters are so colorful. The settings also change rapidly, as the hero moves from one realm to another. I really enjoyed being able to step into the different realms, with the unusual characters. The protagonist is easily likable, and his cowboy attire really helps him stand out as unique in a fantasy story. I also liked that he had eighty-six years of knowledge and life experiences to rely on while he was in the fit body of a young man on a quest.

Fans of fantasy novels will really enjoy “Dreamwander: In the Ruins of Eden, Vol. I,” an epic fantasy novel by Kildare.